Northcoast Research

An Independent and Unbiased Instututional Equity Research Firm

Northcoast Research is an independent, full service institutional equity research firm providing value to clients through our unique research process. To assist clients in their stock selection process, our analysts integrate their knowledge, industry contacts, proprietary information sources and comprehensive financial models to ultimately form investment opinions.


What sets Northcoast Research apart?

Our approach to research is unique. Northcoast Market Research (NMR) is the process that gives us our advantage in analyzing the companies and stocks we cover. It enables clients to generate superior investment performance.

Relationships are an important component of NRM. We place an emphasis on relationships with key industry professionals to identify investment catalysts and inflection points in business trends.

The experience level of our analysts, the information we harvest from our vast network of sources, our own proprietary data and financial models along with our interpretation of how that information should impact a stock helps us add value to our clients’ investment process.

The biggest benefit in partnering with us is the delivery of data in a manner that’s meaningful and impactful, without the need to through useless information in order to make investment decisions.


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