Northcoast Market Research (NMR)

A Unique Approach to Equity Research

Northcoast Research is built on a differentiated research process that enables our clients to generate superior investment performance. The foundation of this process is our team of experienced research analysts who are respected for their extensive knowledge within their industry. They leverage long-standing relationships with key industry professionals to identify investment catalysts and inflection points in business trends.


The Northcoast Market Research (NMR) Edge

Northcoast Market Research (NMR) is the process that gives our clients a competitive edge. We focus on company specific bottoms-up fundamental analysis, tracking near-term dynamics while also maintaining longer-term perspective. The proprietary information our NMR generates helps us to identify industry trends and company-specific inflection points. Combined with our vast network of industry contacts, this information helps to frame our financial modeling, and ultimately the timely, actionable investment recommendations by our experienced research analysts.

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Beyond the public companies’ formal guidance, our research process is focused on developing unique sources of real-time information that aids in predicting business trends and future growth forecasts. We not only strive to develop a dialogue with important members of each company’s operating team, but also seek out private company competitors, suppliers, distributors, former executives, and consultants to generate differentiated perspectives.

Our research team conducts in-depth channel checks and surveys including live conversations with many of our contacts. These allow us to provide our partners with exclusive information and insight embodied in dozens of periodic research reports in the Industrial, Consumer and Business Services sectors. The combination of our experience, relationships with our companies, vast networks of industry contacts and our proprietary data and financial models makes the Northcoast Market Research (NMR) process a value-added source of information geared to make a positive impact on our clients’ investment process.